You Are Not Alone..

Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Background music - Loveholic (Meari)"

You are 'You Are Not Alone'
You feel the loneliness
You are alone

People surround you
People talk to you
People joke with you
People walk with you

and yet,

They claim to be your closest one

You are not alone


You always feel the loneliness
No matter how
You are always alone

Whenever you are
Wherever you are
Whatever you are
However you are

You are all alone
You of all people are alone

You Are Not Alone,

The sunset awaits you
The sunrise awaits you
The wind approaches you
The land wants you to step on
The air wants you to inhale
They are waiting for you

But a single loneliness calls you
You get caught
You answered

You are trapped within the loneliness
He wants to befriends with you
You are the one he wants to be with
He needs you around
He refuses to let you go
As long as you keep your words deep inside..

Just to
Pretend he is not alone
Just to
Have someone to talk with

He doesn't wants to be alone,
Just like you

But you
You of all people
Pretend that everyone abandons you
Pretend that you are nobody to people around you
Pretend nothing would happens

Move on you 'You Are Not Alone' dear..
Move on.. Everything await you..
You are not alone my dear 'You Are Not Alone'
I missed you

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