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Friday, March 11, 2011

Assalammualaikum and Hi Gorgeous!

well...Oh well...

this topic made my keep smiling. and smiling. and smiling.

Oh,sssshhhh!! it supposed to be secret ,right?

ok..i named my classmate that have very interesting character to me as X and as usual X always recognize as unknown. and it'll remain unknown.

X always make me want to laugh, oh not just me actually, the whole class. X is very kind-hearted people. and i thank X for giving me the inspiration in pursue whatever ways that i want to take. X look like an ordinary people. but X nice to people. well, not to say X is well known in MICET, but X is still X.

actually, i'm not sure whether i already know much about X. but like i said, X nice to everybody!

X is good in studies. never care much what people said.
but sometime X can give a heart-attack to people with the attitude. but it just kidding. i already knew it...

X look so happy-go-lucky person. and whenever there's some problem, X never get the other people into it. i guess. because i never know X well. because i just met X in 2 semester. not even a closed friend. just a friend. when we meet, smile and say hi. that's all. but the character of X make me wonder, how X manage to keep all people around want to chat with X.

maybe that's the special about X. 

who ever you are, X...
keep doing the thing that make you happy. those people that so sarcastic about X,
get to know people first, before you can judge! OK.

X is remain X.
if you think you're X, email me..hahaha

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Fatin Zulkifli said...

i'm 'y'.. sitting beside 'x' on the order. but somehow i forgot who 'x' it is. i promise i'll keep it secret (maybelah), talk slowly so the others wont hear it :P haha

Fahmi Azmi said...

yes! of course... 'y' and 'x' is a very good friend. everytime and everywhere there's 'x' there's 'y'. as you did in math. real life.. 'y' and 'x' also is a good friend. haha