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Friday, March 11, 2011

Assalammualaikum and Hi Gorgeous!

this entry dedicated to a young-mother that dump a small baby in the trash, river, mosque, road and wherever else that you guys read in newspaper.

honestly, i almost cried when read those news in the newspaper. how come they're so mean!!
you are A Mother to that could you do that...what a devil are you!! *i'm pissed*

this sequence of photos i took during the raining monsoon in my village. and these photos i took in front of my house. and even they are just a snail (or in colloquial "Siput Babi"), i touched by the mother of the Snail bring 2 of her baby to the safer places out from flood area.

do check those photos:


even a snail knew how to appreciate the offspring, but a human that have a genius brains and a heart still do those such horrible thing!!

there are devil inside that need to be killed! but not our power to do all depends on themselves. we just can pray for the sake of dumped baby's future.pity them.

don't just say you are love them, but the most important things is, PROVE IT!

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