I’m cynical about LOVE.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Assalammualaikum and Hi Gorgeous!

[I wrote this entry due to the lovey-dovey atmosphere in our campus. No offense]
"LOVE" in chinese character (i guess - because i google-ed.)

Love come and goes.  

What is love? Why do we fall in love? How can we get into love?
Oh, Love is pretty. Love is disgust. 

Love brings joys. Love brings peace. Love also can bring hostility.

 “I Love You.” 

It is like a magic word. But sometime also can be a joke - to insensitive homo-sapiens.  Trust me!

But, as we always came across to those whom said “I love You”, It is depends on how do you DEFINE what do you mean by LOVE in there. Creating the lovey-dovey atmospheres in your everyday-daily life, it’s nothing wrong. The people think its wrong is wrong, actually.
Oh, c’mon… every each of homo-sapiens (us) loves to be loved. No matter that love comes from whom. 

I’m writing this lovey-dovey thingy not to think sarcastically to those whom has change their “single” status to “In relationship” at Facebook info. NO!
I love to know that actually, because I love to see my friends happy. 

Ok…ok…let get into LOVE.

As usual, I did a short questionnaire at Formspring and at my Facebook status.

“What the first thing come out from ur mind if you read or see the word; “LOVE” ”

>> Mr. TOKhairul;

>>Miss GadisBerstokinBelang;

>>Mr. P. Newman;
::The heart symbol 

>>Miss H. Senget
::Honest, trust, believing each other, romantic. n family... that things.. lot of things came out of my mind... =)

>> Miss Jess Clare

::Heart shape

>> Mr. Alhadiey

:: (my heart is blossom like a flower right now.)

>> Mr. Sya Fie E
:: is all about sex! (WHAT?!!)

Some of those answers are in Bahasa. So I’ve translated it into English. This is so general question. And for you guys, what come out from you mind?

Honestly, what come out from my mind? Err… NOTHING.

Oh, ok. I smirked. *sigh*

Not to say I’ve hated it so much. But you know… 


When you’ve got into relationship, and you failed, you’ve try so hard, and again, you failed. And you got into a new loving girl, and you love her and love her and love her. But then, by made one mistake, ONE mistake not a BIG mistake, your relationship is again down to 0%. 

And I’m wondering, is her loves me as how much I loved her with all of my heart with no fullstop on it? Or she just love me on the spot because I’ve propose to her?
Like I’ve said before: “Love come and goes”

Easy come, easy go
That's just how you live, oh
Take, take, take it all,
But you never give
-      Grenade by Bruno Mars

Erm, maybe it is because they still in afraid by their friends’ experience. Or maybe they’re too careful. Let’s forgive and don’t forget. If you forgive and you forget, I bet that, you’ll never learn from the first experience that you’ve already forgave. Don’t you,no? It’s up to you, mate.

What I’m trying to say here is, do learn from your experience first then you learn from others. But in certain things it may be different. But, what the heck, this is your life, why would ruin your own life by listen to them whom is in heartbroken and hated LOVE so much? [like me?,No.] The concept may be same but the problem is different.
Keep your chances. Ignite your love to the fullest. 

But don’t get too obsess possess your love till you do something that against your Religion.
And, LOVE yourself first and not to forget your Family. Then you can hold your lover in your arm with family blessings. That is the most important thing. 

Anyone who is smirk reading this entry, why you hate LOVE so much? 

Love is natural. Love is blissful. 

Oh, maybe you don’t have a chance to feel to be loved by someone? So, try it. 

Don’t be like me. I SMIRKED, remember?

This is our last entry, by the way.
Hope to see you again. Hope so.

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