A Positive Thing that I'm Going to Do During the Mid-Semester Break is...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

To learn new songs in term of instrumental skills (guitar).
To be ready enough for battle of the bands that will be held at MICET.

Seems like I'm going to spend the whole break with playing guitar. I'm not sure I'm capable enough to do so because as we all know (you readers) anything could happens once you step at your homeland..Guess what..?? Duh~~..I don't have any idea..But seriously, something might come up just to scratch out the wish (playing guitar) and turn out, i could be end up doing anything else..Sigh again ~~..Owh come on..!! That is just sick..You know what, I can't end up like that once I get myself at my homeland..Lets see what I can do to keep that wish remains solid with me..Ehehe..First!! Buy electric guitar, amplifier and effect..(sound like hundreds RM)..But its ok..I'll save for it later but surely, I'll get it..Second!! No over sleep in the whole morning.. Because I could use most of the time playing guitar and learn new songs (dedicated enough for me -- perhaps)..If else, if I wake up when the sun up high, I'll waste the whole morning, dreaming alpacas and mouse lemurs that out of nowhere..But it sounds interesting..Nah, forget it..Back to main topic..Third!! No games at all..It'll drive me insane and half crazy because of giving full commitment towards it..NO!! Come on, come on..Fourth!! Fuh! fourth already..Perhaps, I should help my mom babysitting those three 3 kids..Sigh ~~..Don't underestimate me, ok..I'm qualified enough..I've done that before..Ehem~~.. That's because I'll not end up on couch with laziness and become sleepy head..That might ruin my plan on playing guitar energetic and 'racing-spirit' spirit..Ehehe..What's this..Fifth!! and could be the last one..I should never doing stupid things during this oncoming mid-term break..Those stupid things might out of reach but like I said before, anything could happens once you step at your homeland, being very eager and joyful to enjoy mid-term break successfully..Ehehe..

Am I really gonna do all those things..?
Think guys, think..

So long friends..


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